Lammetun Coastal Fort

Command Bunker:
The command bunker lies at the highest point of the fortification from the second world war. Inside the observation room of the bunkers (dome) the landscape is painted so that you can see it as it looks outside (with all the islands outside at the sea) with distance and direction drawn. In this way one could quickly state the position of a target that was observed. We have put in a window in the «crack» between the ground and the bunker itself, to prevent water and wind from entering the room. During the war there was no window here, but wood lumber was used for this purpose. Glass reflects in the sun, so therefore it was not used. To prevent the bunker being visible to the opponents.
The dome was covered with peat so that it would not appear from the air. thats why you today can see that there are hooks of metal on the dome. This because it was camouflaged.
At the top of the dome there is a stunning view.

Inside the bunker you can walk in a staircase into the mountan that leads to a large mountain hall. You get back out at ground level.

When you walk further south-west of the command bunker you arrive at the ammunition bunker. the ammunition bunker was, as you can hear in the name, used to store ammunition.

Canon positions:
In the area of Lammetun coastal fort we have four gun positions. One of them is close to the command bunker, the other three lies south-west of the command bunker, about 300 meters in line.
The gun position you see in the picture has – like the others – recessed compass that was used to set the cannon so that it got the right angle for where it should hit. Before, a circle was divided into 400 degrees against todays 360.

In the main bunker we have made a display of local pictures from world war two. In the reception you can see a display of items from world war two. Items such as a war helmet, ration card, compass and more.

Do you have information about the coastal fort at Lammetun, or about how it was to live here in the area during the world war two? Perhaps you have pictures from the war from the area Fjaler/Hyllestad/Askvoll which you would like to lend to our exhibition?
If you have, we would really appreciate if you would contact us:)

Phone number: 0047 90652490