Lammetunfjellet (120 m.o.s.) is right beside us, it takes about 15 minutes to walk to where the ascent begins.
Lammetunfjellet is characteristic with its steep mountain sides and flat on top.
It can be a bit challenging finding the way, but we will point it out for you.
The tour is best suited for youth and adults, as the terrain is a bit challenging and sometimes steep to walk.

Lammetun cave

Lammetunhola lies halfway up the Lammetun Mountain, one can go down into the cave. In the cave there is light moss, which is a rare moss, you can read more about it in the article here: (only in norwegian). Down in the cave there is a lake, from ancient times it was said that this lake was sacred. It has therefore been used among others during christening.
The road up to the cave is in rough terrain, but it's nice to walk and not too challenging, so here everyone can go. I myself have had with my children (at 5 and 8 years up there) and it went very well and is a very exciting trip!
For those who prefer it, we are happy to guide dives on the trip, they can and are given maps showing how they should go.


A little outside Lammetun (about 15 minutes by boat) lies the mountain Alden, the mountain path almost vertical up from the sea.
The age is 481 meters high and visible more than 100 km at sea and is one of the most significant sailing marks in the west country. From the top you have fantastic views in every direction!
We can help with boat cruising and if you want a tour map you can get it to us, you can find and map on here:
The tour starts fairly steeply before it flattens out, at the top there is a large flat plateau where you have a view in all directions.


Einingsfjellet lies approx. 5 minute drive from Lammetun.
This is a relatively short trip - but on fine days you get a fantastic view far out to sea even if it is only 258 meters high.
The tour is suitable for everyone, small or large :)
They can get a tour map if they wish, you can find and the trip here: