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– Drive over the Lammetun bridge and experience the feeling of time letting go of you, lower youre shoulders and relax.
With us you can enjoy life in peace and quit in beutiful scenary,
OR you can try our exciting activities if you want!

Lammetun is an island which is located right west in Fjaler municipality. It goes bridge over to mainland.
The island has view to the island community Værlandet and the mountain Alden in west, in south you’ll find the island community Solund.

Here is beutiful nature and scenary, in the summer you can see the sun set in the ocean and enjoy spectaculare sunsets! 
Around the area we have put out tables and benches, so it’s easy to take a break out in the open air. 

We run a camping site, and we have 5 rental cabins and one cabin thats soon finished. Its also good space here for those who wants to tent, this autumn we have made a new space for tents where you can really get the best out of the view!

we also have a lot of exciting activities that you can try/do while your here. We rent out boats, kayaks and paddleboards. We have equippment for paintball and frisbeegolf. Here are lots of great hiking trips and other trips to walk!

Lammetun Coastal Fort also lies here. This is one of the best contained coastal fort in West- Norway. You can walk inside the bunkers, see paintings that the geramns made themselves – to help them see the coordinates of the boats in the fjord more easely. In the main bunker we have a display of local pictures from the second world war and in the reception we have a display of authentic items from the second world war. 

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