Insight into war history – Lammetun coastal fort and the surrounding area

Lammetun coastal fort

Visit us and get a deep dive into the local war history at Lammetun coastal fort!

Here at Lammetun we have one of few coastal fort that are well maintained.
You can walk through the bunkers, see the canon psotions and much more.

The coastal fort was built from 1941 and together with the fort at Fure their purpose was to secure and controle the Vilnes-fjord and Bue-fjord and block the inlet to the Dals-fjord.

The owner Frode Haugen is the grandchild of Herman and Lovise Lammetun, that lived here during the 2. world war.
He will give you a guided tour through the fort, and tell you about the local war history.
You will also get the opportunity to see another coastal fort, not far from us.

We think it is important to remember the history, and show what happened here. We do not want to offend anyone, and we can asure you that we do everything in a way that is not offensive to anyone. And we wish everyone welcome see our fort.

Price: from 1 950 NOK per person
Dinner with drinks
Guided trip in Lammetun coastal fort and forts located nearby,
Accomodation in cabins
Duration: 2 nights
Season: All year

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We usual respond within an hour between 08.00 and 23.00 (norwegian time)