18. januar 2019


Lammetun is a windy and at times stormy place to be.
If you like/want to be close to the forces of nature we recommend you to take the trip to us, here you can get to stand in the middle of the storms, feel the wind grab a hold on you, see the waves turn far inland and feel the wave splashes in your face.
And don’t despair, if you visit us and the storm fails to comeyou still don’t missing out on nature experiences.
We have group arrangements, that we tailor for you, eith overnight stay, joint meals, touring in the area and much more. Contact us to let us know what you want, and we’ll fix it!
Of course we also tour individuals/couples/familys. We have holiday homes/apartments thats suitable for couples, familys, groups of friends and everyone.
At the sight where its best to be in the storm, we have to stand outside for now, but we hope that we can be able to make som shelter for stormwatching soon.

If you book into the sea house, then it is completely on the water’s edge, so from that it has a good contact with the forces of nature if the weather is fresh.

Below you can see some pictures from the storm, tha was taken at Lammetun new years day 2019 and some of them are from a storm that was in the autumn 2018.

If the storm and the stormy weather fails, then you can be so lucky that you rather experience one of Lammetun’s many majestic sunsets!

All photos taken by: Sigrunn Ragnarsdotter

On the small island of Landøyna, which you see a bit of in the picture with sunsets lying in front of Alden (the mountain at the back of the picture), one of the eagle pairs on Lammetun lives. So here’s a lot more than just storm one can look at.

Then it must be said, if you take the trip outside to check out the storm, whether it is here with us or other places, have respect for the forces of nature, use common sense and do not go too close.

For booking/contact, please send us an email or call us at:
Email: Booking@lammetun.no
Phone, Sigrunn: 0047 906 524 90 or Frode: 0047 472 836 34

We hope we’ll see you:-)